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Jen Leo writes for Condé Nast Traveler, Los Angeles Times, and edited the award-winning Sand in My Bra series (Travelers’ Tales). She loves to travel with her toddler. You can also read about her at

Chris Christensen the host of the Amateur Traveler. The Amateur Traveler is an online travel show that focuses primarily on travel destinations and what are the best places to travel to. It includes a weekly audio podcast, a blog and a video podcast. His day job is high tech. He has been a Director of Engineering at TripAdvisor and has run online communities for companies like Marriott, American Express, eBay, HBO, the NBA, Kraft, Campbells, Kimberly Clark, A&E, and QVC.

Gary Arndt is the man behind one of the world's most popular, independent travel blogs. He has been traveling non-stop since March, 2007 and has visited over 160 countries and territories. That is a real monkey on his shoulder.


Episode 74 - Chester A. Arthur's Pants

This week's guest are David Farley and Robert Reid.

This week's news

Picks of the week
  • Gary - AAdvantage Elite Status Challenge
  • Chris -
  • Jen - Virgin America is opening in Chicago
  • David - NYT Travel Show Panel Discussion on Blogging and Social Media
    Restless Legs reading series, Lolita Bar
  • Robert - Chester A Arthur Statue, Madison Square, New York

Episode 73 - The Travel Blog Game


Episode 72 - Nazi Golf Cats

This week's guest is Mike Baresh of

This Week's News

    * Discussion on Egypt
    * Airlines offer free in-flight Facebook
    * Rudest city in the USA? Hint: It's not what you're probably thinking
    * Nazis' Ukraine HQ to become a museum; Hitler tour in Germany draws criticism
    * Antarctica Cruise Ship Runs Aground
    * Man sues tour operator for failing to let him shoot an elephant
    * Man puts wife on no fly list

Picks of the week

    * Gary - When Should I Visit
    * Chris -, 360Panorama iPhone App
    * Jen - Other travel guides - Eat London by Peter Prescott
    * Mike - Don't kill pizza delivery man, Ice Breaker Clothing

Super Bowl Predictions

Jen - Packers 27-14
Chris - Doritos
Mike - Packer 27-17
Gary - Packers 52-3

Episode 71 - Protesters, Smugglers and Filth

This week's guest is Sean O'Neill, senior editor at

This Week's News:

  • Social media and revolution: Egypt protests mimic those in Tunisia
  • Unsurprisingly, Woman Fails To Smuggle 44 iPhones Into Israel
  • TripAdvisor's 2011 Top 10 Dirtiest Hotels
  • Airport security officials brand three inch toy gun "firearm" (From Bournemouth Echo)
Picks of the week:
  • Sean - iPhone app JotNot for scanning
  • Jen - Logging on: Britain's cutest log cabins
  • Chris - Ask Arthur Frommer: And Travel Better, Cheaper, Smarter, Evernote

Episode 70 - Self-Defence Agains Pirates

This week's guest is Pam Mandel of This Week's News:

  • No U.S. airline fatalities in 2010
  • Pirates take record 1,181 hostages in 2010
  • Report: Cruise ship blasted pirates with sonic weapon
  • Monk caught with nun's skeleton at airport
  • Spanish Judge Nixes 'Unfair' Airline Fee
  • Marriott Bans Porn In Hotels
  • Large hotel chain to start phasing out porn in 2013
  • Passenger Punches Flight Attendant Over Beverage Cart